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Dedicated to the quality of our services at all times.

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Çelebi's approach in regards to quality is to translate the strategic intent of the group into practical applications that deliver continuous service & process standardization and increase customer satisfaction in line with Total Quality Management principles. High level customer experience management is the main objective to achieve sustainable service improvement.


Çelebi's vision in regards to quality;

Being a team that focuses on quality and customer satisfaction, adapts to innovation and adds value to its services.

Çelebi's mission in regards to quality;

Working hard to lead a dedication to the highest quality of service delivered to our customers with a sense of warmth, individual motivation, satisfaction and company spirit.

In accordance with these vision and mission, Çelebi created an internalized ‘Quality and Customer Centric’ corporate culture while focusing on;

  • Serving a unique/standardized/total quality management globally
  • Improving customer experience
  • Owning change, business transformation strategy & planning for the future
  • Integration and optimization projects
  • Latest technology usage
  • Singularization, simplification and consolidation
  • Environment, health and safety

Following total quality management principles has an essential role for Çelebi to obtain and sustain the 'Quality and Customer Centric' corporate culture:

  • Customer Focused
  • Total Employee Involvement
  • Process Centered
  • Integrated Management System
  • Strategic and Systematic Approach
  • Continual Improvement
  • Fact based decision making
  • Communication


ÇHS Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Çelebi Ground Handling (ÇHS) considers improving the well-being of its employees by creating a healthy and safe working environment and preventing accidents, occupational illness and other harms as one of its primary business objectives. In this regard, it ensures the effective sustainability and continuous improvement of its processes in order to increase occupational health and safety performance. Commits to comply with national/international Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legal requirements applicable to our company and to meet all other relevant requirements; aims to go beyond these as much as possible.

In order to achieve OHS objectives, primarily our employees, as well as all our other stakeholders (suppliers, customers, airport stakeholders, etc.) work in cooperation and active participation is ensured. Through our OHS Employee Representatives, it is aimed to create a participatory, possessive and constructive OHS culture throughout the company, in which all process owners and stakeholder representatives, especially our employees, take an active role.

ÇHS Management provides the necessary support and leadership for an effective OHS Management System that is compatible with the strategic direction of our company by providing appropriate human, equipment and financial resources; encouraging effective OHS reporting, notification and communication; determining authorization, responsibility and accountability statuses related to OHS.

Our Occupational Health and Safety-related hazards and the risks arising from them are periodically reviewed with the active participation of our employees and stakeholders, taking into account the human factor perspective specific to our sector. Activities to eliminate hazards and mitigate OHS risks are carried out proactively.

Necessary conditions are provided for our employees to freely make OHS notifications without encountering any negative reactions. Notifications are encouraged with reward mechanisms. Reporting of inadvertent human errors does not result in any disciplinary action for the reporter or other employees involved. Violation of occupational health and safety procedures is unacceptable in any of our activities.

In order to ensure the existence of our competent human resources, which is our most important asset in order to achieve our OHS goals and objectives, all our employees are provided with the necessary knowledge, skills, experience and awareness through training and development programs created taking into account the dangers they are exposed to and their roles & responsibilities.

Management systems are established to minimize losses that may occur not only in our routine activities, but also in our non-routine activities and in emergency situations; the functionality of the systems is periodically checked; detected deficiencies are corrected.

In order to create mutual benefit as a result of the development of our OHS Management System, continuous efforts are made to increase our communication and cooperation opportunities with the authorities we are affiliated with and other stakeholders.