Quality and Safety

Dedicated to the quality of our services at all times.

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Çelebi's approach in regards to quality is to translate the strategic intent of the group into practical applications that deliver continuous service & process standardization and increase customer satisfaction in line with Total Quality Management principles. High level customer experience management is the main objective to achieve sustainable service improvement.


Çelebi's vision in regards to quality;

Being a team that focuses on quality and customer satisfaction, adapts to innovation and adds value to its services.

Çelebi's mission in regards to quality;

Working hard to lead a dedication to the highest quality of service delivered to our customers with a sense of warmth, individual motivation, satisfaction and company spirit.

In accordance with these vision and mission, Çelebi created an internalized ‘Quality and Customer Centric’ corporate culture while focusing on;

  • Serving a unique/standardized/total quality management globally
  • Improving customer experience
  • Owning change, business transformation strategy & planning for the future
  • Integration and optimization projects
  • Latest technology usage
  • Singularization, simplification and consolidation
  • Environment, health and safety

Following total quality management principles has an essential role for Çelebi to obtain and sustain the 'Quality and Customer Centric' corporate culture:

  • Customer Focused
  • Total Employee Involvement
  • Process Centered
  • Integrated Management System
  • Strategic and Systematic Approach
  • Continual Improvement
  • Fact based decision making
  • Communication


Safety is our priority!

Çelebi Aviation Holding and all its subsidiaries acknowledge that the safety of its employees and environment and preventing any possible loss as goals and prioritize it over everything else. With this in mind, Çelebi continuously develops, implements and improves its processes; thus, it aims to achieve the highest level of safety performance while surpassing national / international standards.

All stages of management are responsible for achieving the highest safety performance, starting from the top management. By providing appropriate work force, equipment and financing resources, all managers support safety practices, promote effective safety reporting and communication and support safety management to actively manage safety within the framework of fair culture.

All employees' safety-related obligations and responsibilities are clearly defined along with the source of the hazards. Zero accidents are targeted based on the voluntary participation of the employees. In all our activities, work contrary to safety procedures is unacceptable.

All risks are evaluated periodically and risk mitigation activities are carried out. All employees are provided with adequate skills and training to implement safety strategies and processes.

Çelebi Aviation Holding and its subsidiaries encourage its employees to report incidents, accidents and especially near-miss reports and will reward employees who are able to prevent these potential accidents.