Meet & Greet

The ‘Platinum’ experience is one worth living


All our passengers are welcomed as “Private Guests”. Platinum Services by Çelebi has a statement of priority to make each guest feel comfortable, delighted and privileged. With these principles, we serve not only for guests flying with private jets, but also for guests using commercial airlines, whether its business or economy class.

We provide an extensive array of Premium Services to make our guests experience the ‘Platinum Services' concession.

Our services for our Platinum guests include;

  • Greeting our guests at arrival
  • Assisting our guests with their baggage from the moment they land until their chosen form of transportation
  • Transportation Services outside the airport
  • Apron transportation
  • Visa services at arrival
  • Check-in at departure
  • Fast track at both arrival and departure
  • Assisting with our guests’ baggage at departure with our porters

Çelebi Platinum

Whether you choose Economy class or Business class, we offer the same qualified services as long as you wish.

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