Ground Handling

Your luggages are safe and secure with our agents


Ramp Services

In its ramp services, Çelebi Aviation makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology when:

  • Parking the aircraft
  • Loading and offloading the aircraft – baggage handling
  • Passenger and crew transportation
  • Aircraft towing
  • Cleaning cabin and exteriors
  • Providing heating/cooling services
  • Providing lavatory and water services
  • De-icing aircraft and taking anti-icing measures when weather conditions require

Ground Handling

Right by your side from the beginning of your journey all the way to your last stop


Passenger Handling

We provide full scale passenger service to our partners and their passengers from the check-in through ticket sales to searching lost luggage covering both low-cost and traditional airline and passenger demands. Our quick, flexible and proficient staff cares for smooth services of our passengers.

Our Services in Passenger Handling include;

  • Check-in
  • All gate activities
  • Ticket sales
  • Arrival Services
  • Lost and Found services
  • Assistance to under-aged passengers
  • Assistance to passengers with reduced mobility or hearing
  • Assistance to passengers with impaired eye sight or inability to read

Ground Handling

Aiming the exact centre of gravity for the safety of each aircraft


Load Control & Flight Operations

The procedure of balance calculation is performed by well-educated operation officers.

The experts calculate on basis of the number of passengers, the loaded baggage and goods, the refueled kerosene and location of the aforesaid to identify where exactly the center of gravity of the aircraft is. It is essential for the safety of the flight and to the realization of the lowest possible fuel consumption.

The operation services provided by Çelebi personnel include:

  • Load Control
  • Communications
  • Flight Operations
  • Flight Operations – Flight Preparations at the Airport of Departure
  • Flight Operations – En-route Flight Assistance on approaching VHF frequency
  • Flight Operations – Crew Administration

Ground Handling


Representation, Administration & Supervision

Çelebi is fully certified to represent, administer and supervise the aircraft of our customers when requested. The aircrafts are served by qualified staff in order to represent the airline in the best way possible.  

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