Principle of Ethical Conduct

Commitment to Purpose and Mission

Çelebi Personnel shall act in compliance with Çelebi's purpose and mission and safeguard the legal rights of the shareholders in all kinds of activities.

Compliance with the Laws and Service Standards

Çelebi acts in compliance with the laws, regulations and other legislation of the country in which it operates and timely files correct, clear and complete information with statutory regulatory institutions and authorities. Çelebi conducts all of its activities in accordance with the service standards and processes which are specified by the laws and for the purpose of customer satisfaction.

Honesty, Objectivity and Equity

Çelebi acts in accordance with the principles of justice, equality and honesty. Whilst performing its duties, it does not engage in any treatment which is against human rights and freedoms or which restricts such rights and freedoms due to gender, religion, language, race, color, ethnic origin, philosophical view, political opinion, physical disability, age, marital status and similar reasons or any conduct and practices hindering equal opportunities.

Çelebi exercises its discretion without any arbitrariness and in accordance with the principles of objectivity, transparency and equality.

Courtesy, Respect, Dignity and Trust

Çelebi pays the necessary attention to its customers and business partners and all individuals of the society and acts with respect and dignity towards the same. Çelebi Personnel shall act in a manner to protect and augment the individual and corporate respect, dignity and trust of the shareholders and themselves and aim to set an example with their consistent attitude. They shall strictly refrain from conduct which damages respect, dignity and trust or which cast doubts thereon and shall not diverge from ethical values.

Çelebi respects the customs, traditions and values of the countries in which it operates.

Efficient Use of Resources

It's Çelebi's principle to prevent waste and to promote economy in its use of resources within its activities and during projects it conducts.

Information Management and Confidentiality

Çelebi pays attention to the confidentiality and proprietary information of Çelebi Personnel, its customers and other relevant persons and companies worked with. Çelebi Personnel protects the Confidential and Proprietary Information on the activities of ÇHH Group and use such information solely according to the purposes of ÇHH Group and laws. Çelebi does not use personal and corporate information pertaining to ÇHH Group or its stakeholders, customers, suppliers or all other stakeholders other than for business purposes and in an unauthorized manner. Çelebi adopts regulations in accordance with the laws on the protection of personal data.


Çelebi Personnel shall pay attention and care to ensure that their conduct, order in working environments and general outlook are in compliance with Çelebi\'s professional image and represent Çelebi in the best way with their professional image.

Çelebi culture supports a sharing, warm and pleasant working environment. Çelebi does not diverge from professionalism and mix its emotional relationships with business relationships.

Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

Çelebi Personnel cannot directly or indirectly afford benefits for themselves or their relatives or third persons or entities from real or legal persons with whom/which they have an employment, service or interest relation.

Çelebi is cautious about potential or existing Conflicts of Interests and takes the necessary steps which are defined hereunder in order to avoid Conflicts of Interest. Çelebi acts responsibly about confidential matters so that the Conflicts of Interest do not have any damaging effects on the parties.


If you experience an incident against our Principles of Ethical Conduct, please inform us by sending an e-mail to: