Bridge Operations

Connecting the passengers with their destinations


Passenger Boarding Bridges & Maintenance

Çelebi Aviation provides the passenger boarding bridges in three different stations. Çelebi currently operates the boarding bridges at Vienna Airport in Austria, Budapest Airport in Hungary and Istanbul Airport in Turkey.

Istanbul Airport awarded Celebi Ground Handling for the provision of all Bridge Operations to operate and maintain and is mandatory for all the airlines to use this service. Under this concession that was awarded for 10 years, Çelebi now provides all the below services at Istanbul Airport;

  • Operating all 143 passenger boarding bridges at the airport
  • 220 employees


Maintaining each bridge locally at global standards

Bridge Mounted Equipment

The latest addition to the bridge operations that Çelebi has been providing for years, Istanbul Airport has an exceptional difference. Çelebi is solely responsible to provide bridge operations at Istanbul Airport as well as maintaining each bridge.

  • Providing ACU (Air Conditioner Unit) to aircrafts
  • Providing GPU (Ground Power Unit) to aircrafts
  • Providing water services

Along with Istanbul, Çelebi is also providing the BME services in Mumbai and Delhi. Mumbai International Airport Limited awarded CelebiNAS Airport Services India Pvt. Ltd. for the provision of Bridge Mounted Equipment (BME) Services on the build, own, operate and transfer model and is mandatory for all the airlines to use this service. In Delhi, Çelebi provides the BME services (GPU & ACU) to its customer airlines only.