HR Policies

Working at Çelebi

Having more than 60 years of operational and professional background, Çelebi continues to expand and bring excellent service to all its customers around the world with a customer-centric and safety focused approach. In order to do so, Çelebi offers a pragmatic and challenging environment for its employees that allows growth and development anytime, anywhere.

Our Workplace Culture

As Çelebi started operating in different countries within the last decade, working with different cultures and expanding globally have made our workplace culture to be collaborative, inclusive and diverse.

Our HR Approach

We believe that high-quality service is possible only with a successful and engaged workforce.

As a company, Çelebi identifies with its employees and encourages their success and development out of its belief that its most important capital is the experience that it gains through them. Supporting participation, teamwork, initiative, creativity, and productivity while making Çelebi and its personnel a big family.


A fundamental principle at all Çelebi Group companies is to ensure equality of opportunity in the hiring process.

We use a series of selection and evaluation techniques to recruit candidates for positions whose job descriptions and qualification and competency requirements are precisely defined.

Performance and Talent Lifecycle

A basic performance and career management rule at Çelebi is to identify realistic but challenging objectives that can be expressed in numerical terms and to strive to achieve those objectives. Career management planning provides the basis for the performance evaluations that all employees undergo at regular intervals. A fundamental rule is that feedback provided by company personnel is to be used as input for improving work processes.

Core, professional and managerial competencies exist for each position. Performance and career management evaluations are based on the same competencies.


“We caution the members of the public not to fall prey to fictitious offers and or unsolicited phone calls or emails where some people may be impersonating Çelebi Aviation Holding or Çelebi Ground Handling and offering jobs, asking for financial information or any other type of personal information.

There can be a recruitment fraud involving scammers who post fraudulent jobs openings, or who contact job-seekers with fake job offers. These individuals may even conduct fraudulent interviews with an attempt to obtain personal information or money from the applicants. Such certain individuals may pretend to represent Çelebi Aviation Holding or Çelebi Ground Handling with job offers. In case you or any candidate receives any unsolicited or fraudulent communication regarding a job offer or an interview call against payment of money, please stay alert and recognize it as a scam.

If you believe you have been a victim of a recruitment fraud, you are recommended to approach the law enforcement agencies