Çelebi Aviation Vaccine Handling Operation

Çelebi Aviation Vaccine Handling Operation

Çelebi Aviation is more than ready to handle COVID-19 vaccine operations.

Çelebi's nearly half a century of experience, expertise, and success in the ground handling services industry enables it to surpass international standards in the provision of cargo handling and warehouse operations. Çelebi is offering the best cargo and warehouse handling services in 4 stations; Istanbul, Budapest, New Delhi and Frankfurt.

While the importance of vaccine handling is increasing day by day, we are adopting ourselves and our facilities to this challenging process to ensure the safest environment for this operation. The necessary implementations and developments are in place to guarantee fast, safe, reliable and transparent conditions. We would like to inform our valuable partners that all necessary actions have been taken from the beginning of this pandemic. All necessary assessments were successfully done by Çelebi and waiting for final evaluations to be completed by IATA for receiving the CEIV pharma certificates in all our subsidiaries. Starting from the first quarter of 2021, all certificates will be received until the end of second quarter.

Çelebi Aviation’ warehouse specifications for each subsidiary:

Turkey – Istanbul
Hungary - Budapest
India – New Delhi
Germany - Frankfurt