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Çelebi’s presence in India grew exponentially with three different entities. Çelebi’s first step into India started off with a joint venture with a mandate to provide comprehensive and world class services at Mumbai International Airport. Within a year, Çelebi was registered in India to provide ground handling as Çelebi Airport Services India and cargo services as Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India at Delhi International Airport. Within the last 10 years, these two stations grew to become a total of seven stations in India consisting of Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Kannur, Bangalore and the latest addition; Hyderabad.

The services that Çelebi provides within the framework of the Ground Handling Services Regulations consist of

Ground Handling In India

We provide full scale passenger service to our partners and their passengers from the check-in through ticket sales and furnishing special waiting-room to searching lost luggage covering both low-cost and traditional airline and passenger demands. We use eight various DCS thereby ensuring for our passengers the highest possible level of service.

The procedure of balance calculation is performed by well-educated operation officers. The expert calculates on basis of the number of passengers, the loaded baggage and goods, the refueled kerosene and location of the aforesaid to identify where exactly the center of gravity of the aircraft is. It is essential for the safety of the flight and to the realization of the lowest possible fuel consumption.

In its ramp services, Çelebi makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology when:

  • Loading and offloading
  • Passenger and crew transportation
  • Aircraft Towing
  • Interior and exterior cabin cleaning
  • Cabin cooling services
  • Lavatory and water services

Our team accomplishes the full-scale handling of private aircrafts, emergency, military, governmental and other non-scheduled flights. The target of our colleagues is the exclusive servicing of passengers and crew of private aircraft having high expectations.

Cargo Handling and Warehouse Operations

Çelebi's nearly half a century of experience, expertise, and success in the ground handling services industry enable it to surpass international standards in the provision of cargo handling services, one of the key branches of the aviation industry.

Cargo Tracking

    • General Cargo handling
    • Special Cargo handling (DGR, PER, VAL, AVI, VUN, HEA, AOG, LAR,)
    • Express Cargo handling
    • Domestic Cargo Handling
    • Courier Handling
    • Documentation and Supervision services
    • Transshipment Cargo handling
    • Security services
    • E-freight/E-AWB Compliant recognized by IATA
    • EDI Messaging capability
    • HHT driven barcode based environment for better traceability of shipments.
    • TLX machines with automated Weight and Volume Scanners
    • ETV (Elevated Transfer Vehicles) with 276 cargo ULD storage locations for efficient Storage and Retrieval of ULDs
    • Battery operated equipment such as Stackers, Forklifts, Reach Truck to ensure an environment friendly working environment
    • Elevated ULD built-up work stations for efficient ULD build up
    • State-of-the art Center for Perishable Cargo
    • State-of-the art Pharmaceutical Logistics Centre
    • TSA compliant Single and Dual view X-Ray Machines TSA Complaint ETD (Explosive Trace Detector) for enhanced security measures
    • 100% CCTV coverage with more than 450 CCTV cameras
    • 2MW Solar Power Plant
    • Import Expedited Delivery
    • Export Express Acceptance
    • Road Feeder Services
    • Transshipment  Centre
    • Envirotainer Stocking Station
    • Pet Assistance Facility
    • Valuable Centre
    • Cool Dollies
    • Mini Pharma Shop
    • Charter Handling

    Bridge Mounted Equipment (BME)

    With the view to support environmental-friendly initiative to improve local air quality and cut down noise emission, pollution and other related emission as may be generated by the use of auxiliary power unit or diesel run ground power and air conditioning units, Mumbai International Airport Limited awarded CelebiNAS Airport Services India Pvt. Ltd. and Delhi International Airport awarded Çelebi Airport Services India Pvt. Ltd. for the provision of Bridge Mounted Equipment (BME) Services on the build, own, operate and transfer model and is mandatory for all the airlines to use this service.

    • BME Equipment is operated solely by Çelebi.
    • Connecting the mounted equipment and removing them is responsibility of Çelebi along with the maintenance of the BME with the specialized technical team.
    • Invoicing is done by Çelebi directly to the customer.
    • Çelebi follows the SOP to bypass the interlog in case of last minute APU failure.

    In Delhi, Çelebi provides the BME service (GPU & ACU) to its customer airlines only.

    Delhi International Airport

    IATA Code: DEL
    Telephone: +91 11 61239213
    Country: India

    Mumbai International Airport

    IATA Code: BOM
    Lost & Found E-Mail: bom.psgrlf@celebinas.in
    Operation E-Mail: Bom.occ@celebinas.in
    Telephone: +91 22 66859395
    Country: India

    Bengaluru International Airport

    IATA Code: BLR
    SITA Code: N/A
    Lost & Found E-Mail: blr.ramp.dm@celebiaviation.in
    Telephone: +91 7290032238
    Country: India

    Ahmedabad International Airport

    IATA Code: AMD
    SITA Code: N/A
    Lost & Found E-Mail: amd.ops@celebiaviation.in
    Operation E-Mail: amd.ops@celebiaviation.in
    Telephone: +91 7043338556
    Country: India

    Cochin International Airport

    IATA Code: COK
    SITA Code: N/A
    Lost & Found E-Mail: pax.do.cok@celebiaviation.in
    Telephone: +91 4842610026
    Country: India

    Kannur International Airport

    IATA Code: CNN
    SITA Code: N/A
    Telephone: +91 7290031414
    Country: India

    Hyderabad International Airport

    Telephone: +91 7827969862
    Country: India