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Celebi Cargo GmbH in Frankfurt entered the market in 2010 and has revolutionized traditional cargo handling with a wide array of new advanced product offers. It is focused on deploying state-of-the-art technology, where all equipment and systems operate together in a single main-frame operating system. This new structure enables a fully automated and paperless warehouse.

Cargo and Mail Services – Warehouse Operations

Because of the demands that they impose on attentiveness and detail, successful cargo handling is contingent upon carrying out all related processes without error and without interruption. The principles to which it adheres and the way that its employees perform their jobs play a great role in Çelebi's success in cargo handling.

Cargo handling and warehouse operations consist of:

  • General Cargo Handling
  • Special Cargo Handling (Pharma, DGR, PER, VAL, AVI, VUN, HEA, AOG)
  • Pharma Cargo Facilities
  • Dedicated Pharma team
  • 24/7 Global Operations
  • Cargo Transportation On/Off Airport
  • Truck Handling
  • Weight & Volume Checks
  • Documentation & Messaging
  • Flight Operations & Flight Supervision
  • ULD Management
  • Full Process Management
  • BUP Storage with ETV
  • Dedicted BUP handling area and ULD transfer system

Cargo Tracking

Frankfurt Cargo GmbH

Adress: Frankfurt Cargo GmbH
Operation E-Mail: fra.info@celebiaviation.com
Country: Germany