Another Investment in Digitalization by Çelebi Turkey for its Cargo / Warehouse Management

Çelebi Delhi Cargo

Istanbul, 29 November 2021: Çelebi Aviation announced that its subsidiary in Turkey, Çelebi Hava Servisi A.Ş., has successfully implemented an innovation for expediting the processes at Truck Docks, “Truck Slot Dock Booking”.

Since the start of the pandemic, the cargo business has been running at full speed. To ensure that the high volume of freight can be handled quickly and smoothly as Çelebi Aviation, we keep investing globally in the cargo business, especially in the trending topic “digitalization”. In this regard, a new application has been launched in Turkey, which will decrease the waiting time at truck docks.

Quality Director of Çelebi Aviation Holding, Mr. Bülent Ziyagil, has stated that “We are excited to launch our second cargo-related application “Truck Slot Dock Booking” that will ease and expedite the processes at the dock area. Those innovations are crucial to meet the market expectations as the demand for air freight is increasing day by day since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.”

The key advantages of Truck Slot Dock Booking:

  • Auto dock assignment and prioritization of truck based on parameters such as shipment type, SHC, scheduled time of departure, customer type, pieces and gross weight and so on
  • System forecasts the number of operational docks required for each time slot configured by the Ground Handler
  • System forecasts resource requirements during peak and off-peak hours
  • Based on piece, weight, shipment type and other details, the system forecasts Truck loading and unloading time
  • Real-time truck dwell time prediction-based on number of vehicles at the airport premise (waiting at the parking area, at the terminal, piece, weight, nature of goods and so on)
  • Auto-suggest optimal slot duration based on past transactions of ground handlers

Before moving to the airport, the vehicles carrying shipments will be registered via this application to reserve their slots at truck docks. A unique QR code will be created and sent to each registered vehicle to be used during the whole process. Codes will be scanned at their arrival at the airport for informing the related responsibilities that the truck has arrived. Trucks will directly be led to the marshalling area where they are going to wait for their slot. After confirming that the docking spot is available, trucks will be taken to a specified dock, and off-loading will be initiated. All relative records will be taken from the ground handling agency during the arrival upon departure.

Apart from the stated vital advantages, this system will benefit all stakeholders, Trucking companies, Freight Forwarders and Ground Handling Agencies.

Benefits to Trucking Companies:

  • Facilitates online booking of a slot which leads to reduced waiting time for truckers at the terminal
  • Trucking Companies will get real-time updates for the movement of trucks at the terminal 

Benefits to Freight Forwarders:

  • Reducing redundant data entry by utilizing the existing set of data or integrations with another system
  • Less congestion at the airport will reduce operational costs for forwarders
  • Real-time status update of truck arrival at the airport
  • The standard tracking system enables accurate time updates on shipment statuses
  • No need to visit individual airline websites, custom portals, terminal operator portals for shipment tracking
  • The shipment visibility and transparency will increase within the logistics chain stakeholders.

“We are the only ground handling agency offering just in time operation in Turkey. We have already started to benefit from this development, on the other hand we are assuming its positive impact would be increased during 2022.” added by Mr. Ziyagil. “This innovation would be another milestone for our sustainability process. As Çelebi Aviation, we have been investing in Sustainability for the last years. By implementing “Truck Slot Dock Booking”, unnecessary time loss at the docks will be eliminated as all trucks will get in their off-loading spots by not waiting any queue. This situation would also decrease carbon emission and fuel consumption.”

Çelebi Aviation has also launched another application for its cargo operations “Track & Trace” during last year that has received so many positive feedbacks from the end-users. “We are also offering high visibility for our customers while following their end-to-end cargo. We have received very positive feedbacks who are using our initial application, Track & Trace. I want to offer my special thanks to all team members who are involved in both processes” concluded by Mr. Ziyagil.