Kerem Ongan / CFO

Kerem completed his bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Istanbul University (1990),

afterwards he received his master’s degree on Business Administration from New York Institute of Technology (1997). Mr.Ongan started his finance experience in 1990 by taking part in various roles in different sectors and countries. He began his professional career in 1999 at The Coca-Cola Company as a Senior Business Analyst, then he was assigned to various roles within the Coca-Cola company group between 2003-2010; Planning & Budget Manager(Prague), Commercial Finance Manager(Vienna), Financial Analysis Manager(Vienna), Finance Senior Manager (Costa Rica). He was appointed as the Finance Director of the Coca-Cola İçecek Group in 2010 responsible for managing the finance services of international operations of the Central Asia, Middle East and Pakistan regions. He transferred to Sütaş Dairy Products Group as the Vice President of Finance in 2016. Following this experience at Sütaş, he transferred to Yıldız Holding in 2017 and worked as Head of Performance Management. Afterwards, he took the role of CFO at Gözde Girişim Sermayesi within the group where he was responsible to manage of private equity operations of Yıldız Holding. Lastly and before joining Celebi, he served as the General Manager of the Corporate Finance division at

Mitsubishi Electric since 2019 September.