10.Çelebi-Budapest-Cargo-City"One of the most important ongoing project for Çelebi at Budapest is currently Cargo City. On 9500 sqm, with 3 million EUR investment, Çelebi will create opportunity for further growth on business and employment.

Cargo City will accommodate freighters operated by carriers including AirBridgeCargo, Cargolux, Silk Way West, Turkish Cargo, and Qatar Airways Cargo, as well as passenger aircraft belly cargo.

The area will become an integrated facility for export/import, flown/truck cargo. State of art ULD handling solutions will be maximized with the expansion of the area Çelebi holds. There will be higher capacity for all types of temperature sensitive products along with reduced customer queuing due to higher capacity acceptance and delivery gates.

Other updates at Budapest Cargo;

· Silkway has re-started operations to Budapest in 2018 and continues to work with Çelebi

· Air Bridge Cargo is a newcomer at Budapest and has started working with Çelebi."