Environment-friendly service production

Çelebi goal is to be an organization whose practices make it the most environmentally sensitive company in the aviation industry through an approach that safeguards and enhances the quality of life of its employees and customers.

Çelebi has an environment management system (EMS) which has been developed in order to systematically reduce or eliminate the harm that is or may be caused to the environment. The company’s EMS aims at identifying environmental factors and at controlling such factors in order to minimize their environmental impact and to improve environmental performance during all the stages from the design of services to their presentation to the customers.

The environment management system has been awarded ISO 14001:2004 certification at headquarters offices and at the İzmir station by the firm of Bureau Veritas. With this certification, Çelebi declares that it will:

  • carry out programs to minimize its waste and achieve compliance with laws and regulations,
  • carry out programs to minimize resource use,
  • coordinate efforts aimed at more environment-friendly production.

Aware of the need and responsibility on the part of people to use the natural resources they require to maintain a good way of life in a renewable way, which is to say mindfully of future generations as well, Çelebi engages in the following activities to achieve optimum use of natural resources and to minimize pollution.

  • Every year it has its exhaust gas emissions regularly analyzed by an accredited organization.
  • It has drinking water treated and has periodic analyses performed on water samples.
  • In order to achieve more effective use of natural resources, waste at Çelebi is sorted and the recyclable elements (paper, plastic, etc) are regularly collected. Photocell systems have been installed at some stations to reduce water and electricity consumption.
  • Waste oil (hydraulic oil etc) from technical workshops is eliminated by sending it to facilities where it is specially burned.
  • Hazardous wastes produced as a result of our activities are shipped to establishments licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for disposal.
  • Specialized equipment (battery-powered forklifts etc) that does not cause emissions is used.

Waste created at Çelebi business units is surrendered to organizations licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for elimination/recycling. A waste inventory is conducted in order to determine the company’s environmental performance every year and the company sends its “Environmental Performance Reports” to concerned agencies and organizations. During 2009, 13,765 liters of waste oil, 7,514 kilograms waste batteries, 453 kilograms waste filters were eliminated by surrendering to licensed organizations.

In the conduct of its new equipment procurements, Çelebi Group company Çelebi Ground Handling only purchases items that satisfy European Union environmental norms. The company also complies fully with EU noise and environmental pollution prevention standards.

Another example of Çelebi efforts on behalf of the environment is to be seen in its replanting of a section of the Dalaman forest which had been destroyed by fire. In the course of work that began in late 2007 and was completed in early 2008, more than 100,000 saplings were planted on 50,000 m² of land that had been ravaged by the conflagration.