Dear collegues,

Çelebi e-school, a significant part of the Çelebi Aviation Academy, has been designed with the utmost care and consideration to promote the goal of developing the knowledge, skills, values and behaviors required for the sustainable success of our employees on a global scale. We have completed the infrastructure and we will continue to add new course modules.

With Çelebi e-school, we focus on quality and try to provide a fast and easily accessible educational environment. We will constantly try to improve and update the system in order to expand the knowledge and potential of our employees and your feedback and recommendations will help us and will always be highly appreciated.

I hope that the training and learning process provided by Çelebi e-school will be found highly appealing and inspiring and will be embraced by all of our employees. I truly believe all the training and development programs of the Çelebi Aviation Academy will create great leaders who are equipped with learning agility and who will create the future.

Sincerely and best regards,

Derya TEKİN YUSUF Board Member
(Learning & Development)