Çelebi e-School is now in our LIVES!

This colorful and fun world of learning is now just a click away!

We are experiencing the great happiness and excitement of sharing the project we initiated in 2016 with the aim of supporting the training and development activities carried out within Çelebi with the e-learning platform!

You will be able to reach e-trainings 24/7 at any time you want, anywhere you have access to the internet (from your home, mobile-compatible training from your smartphone or tablet) with Çelebi e-School which is an e-learning platform.

Continue to follow us for the trainings to be shared on Çelebi e-school, which has crowned its motto “Çelebi is a school”.

With love and respect,

Çelebi Aviation Academy,



If you want to access the training on mobile devices, you need to download the mobile program (E.nocta) from the App Store or Google Play according to the brand of the device you use.